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XINA Struct Mine

The XINA Struct Mine utility processes archive files to produce data products for import into XINA. It is primarily intended to be run as part of the XINA Structs data pipeline's Mining Task. There are 2 suppported archive file formats: xbin and xpf. If the archive file is in the xpf format, processing is delegated to a mission specific tool. See the Struct Extract Interface that describes the interface the tool must implement.


Name Req Description Default
task task ID
conf JSON conf file path
temp temp directory path
import import directory path (for file outputs)
post post directory path (for post-import outputs)
host tunnel host "localhost"
port tunnel port 41746


Name Req Description Default
origin origin group
slice slice length in minutes 60
t TBD REMOVE slice time barrier (see below)
TODO: Add re-mine options


This utility serves a few main functions:

  • Extract data from archive files to produce import products such as:
    • Full mnemonic data
    • Delta mnemonic data
    • Time and Interval bin data
    • Filtered mnemonic data
    • Events (Actions?)
    • Limit Report
    • Metrics
    • Mission Specific Data