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XINA Struct Export

This page is a Work In Progress

The XINA Struct Export utility processes archive files to produce data products for XINA's Export Tasks. There are 2 suppported archive file formats: xbin and xpf. If the archive file is in the xpf format, processing is delegated to a mission specific tool. See the Struct Extract Interface that describes the interface the tool must implement.


Name Req Description Default
task task ID
conf JSON conf file path
temp temp directory path
import import directory path (for file outputs)
post post directory path (for post-import outputs)
host tunnel host "localhost"
port tunnel port 41746

JSON Configuration

Name Req Description Default
origin origin group
slice TBD REMOVE slice length in minutes 60
t TBD REMOVE slice time barrier (see below)
start Start time of data to export
end End time of data to export
raw Mnemonic IDs to export with no conversion
eng Mnemonic IDs to export with engineering conversion
sci Mnemonic IDs to export with science conversion
dis Mnemonic IDs to export with discrete labels conversion
event_uuid Event UUID for interval that the export was requested for. The event's start and end time will be used instead of start and end.
join If true, the mnemonic data will be "joined" such that there will be a mnemonic per column and one timestamp per row
fill If true, empty cells will be filled with the previous value. Only applicable when join is true.
columns Defines the columns that will be output e.g. various timestamp formats, units
plot The plot configuration used to generate the plot PDFs
filter The filter definitions to apply. Can either be a list of filter IDs or filter expressions. Exact format TBD.
disable_filter If true, does not apply the filters
multi TBD REMOVE Has extract process all archives at once. This was added for performance reasons since loading the mnem def is slow.
grt If true, and the model supports it, use ground receipt time instead of packet time
label The text that will be used to name the files and final zip file.
profile The name of the profile.


Extract data from archive files to produce Export Task products:

  • Full resolution mnemonic data with a configurable format
  • Mnemonic Statistics
  • Configurable Plots of data
  • Limit Report
  • Events