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  • all filter definitions are passsed to the oci_extract_hk_data, and it generates full/delta, time bin, and marker binned filtered data. The filtered data output files are associated with each filter definition ID
  • This filtered data can be used to plot filtered data through the OCI HK tool (full/delta and time binned)
  • Generate filtered trend data


  • Filter definitions can be associated with a profile's filter field. The JSON filter key can use either the filter definition's ID or name. If the filter definitions associated with a profile have mnemonics that overlap, the first filter (by JSON array index) will be applied and others are ignored (a warning message will be output by oci_extract_hk_data).
    "filter": "om_visnir_on"
    "filter": "om_uvvis_on"
    "filter": "valid_dauc_tlm"
  • One off filters can be defined before exporting by inputting the filter condition into the "filter configuration" box. You can also define which HKIDs the filter should be applied to.