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XINA Support

PACE Support

  • Number of mnemonics: can we handle all of the additional PACE mnemonics?
  • DB Storage concerns
    • Potentially re-mine OCI Flight model to avoid importing mnemonics that aren't used
    • Re-mine timing concerns?
      • Look into speeding up re-mining
    • No partitions currently exist:
      • If re-mine, create partitions
      • start with the most recent / most important data first (e.g. TVAC)
    • Delete ETU full database
  • If we combine PACE & OCI, keep using OCI instance, but create PACE I&T model
    • If we can't handle PACE & OCI combined, possibly split into 2 separate models?
  • Possibility of spacecraft operations simulation, which means the spacecraft time will be in the future or past
    • Exports with spacecraft/packet time won't work. Won't attempt to handle on XINA side. Users will have to use ground receipt time.
    • Use marker metadata field to map simulated spacecraft time to ground time; nothing to do on the XINA side