Updating mine699

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This page details the steps to update the mine699 virtual machine.

If database changes break backwards compatibility, always make sure to update code before committing any database changes since mine699 auto updates the momagse repository when it processes new data!! If you don’t, the mining process WILL break.

1. Build new extract_hk_data using the CentOS VM. Make sure to update the version number so that we can easily differentiate it from previous versions

2. Build new c699util library for both osx and centos (using the CentOS VM). Commit to their respective 699util repo locations

3. Build and release any applications that are affected by the code changes (MDV, 699util Python package, etc.).

4. Stop the mining process

5. Update the 699util repo on mine699 located at /mine699/scripts/labcode/699util-moma. Note: we use a developer’s 699util setup on mine699, not the packaged distribution, so updating the SVN repo is all that is required to update the mining code.

6. Copy the new extract_hk_data to mine699:/mine699/scripts (hmmm maybe we should start committing this to the momagse dir so we can just update it from there instead of having to manually copy it)

7. Commit any database changes (some of which may depend on the new code changes)

8. re-enable mining process

9. Notify users of updated apps. Let them know if updating their apps is required for the database changes!!