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Last Updated Oct 28, 2021 - Python 3.10 incompatibility warning


  • Mac - We recommend that team members filling the PDL role use a Mac to perform their PDL duties, as that platform is the most thoroughly tested.
  • JPL RSA Token
  • GSFC RSA Token
  • Account on samioc, repos699

Terminal Setup

  • Default shell in macOS 10.15 (Catalina) is zsh, however, python tools require sh or bash
  • Recommended solution:
    • Create .zshrc file in home directory with the following lines:
    • emulate bash
    • source ~/.bash_profile


General Tools

  • Install Homebrew
    • This will install Xcode command line tools as side effect: xcode-select --install
    • macOS 10.15 and above requires svn to be installed manually: brew install svn
  • Install BBEdit, although any text editor will do
  • Install X11

Python Tools

  • WARNING: The current version of the tools are incompatible with 3.10.0.
    • Symptom is "AttributeError: module 'collections' has no attribute 'Mapping'"
    • Recommend new installations use Python 3.9.6
  • WARNING: Python versions after 3.8.6 are incompatible with the prior version of the tools
    • Symptom is an error about windll missing on Macs
    • Solution is to install latest python tools (e.g. Rev 2583 linked below)
  • From Terminal:
    • pip3 install 'construct<2.8'
    • If you receive a permission error and recommendation to use --user, then:
    • pip3 install --user 'construct<2.8
  • If you have access to the code repository (repos699), tunnel into it and checkout python tools into your home directory
    • ssh username@repos699.gsfc.nasa.gov -L 6990:localhost:3690
    • Then from a new terminal:
    • svn co svn://localhost:6990/labcode/699util/branches/ladeemaven py699
  • Otherwise, download py699 tar archive
    • Double-click to decompress (Move aside existing "py699" if one already exists)
    • Move new "py699" directory to home directory

NOTE: the repos699 method is recommended, as it will make python tool updates much easier

  • Edit your ~/.bash_profile to include the following lines:
source ~/py699/shell/pyconfig.sh
source ~/py699/shell/tids.sh

Limit Check/Plotref

  • brew install gnuplot@4
  • brew install ghostscript
  • brew install enscript
  • Download and install MacTex from http://tug.org/mactex
  • Old way: brew install Caskroom/cask/mactex

Download Data

  • Connect to GSFC VPN
  • From a new Terminal window: stunnel
  • From another Terminal window:
    • cd
    • svn co svn://localhost:6991/samgse gse
    • svn co svn://localhost:6991/samdata
    • ln -s samdata/fmdata gse/data
  • With BBEdit create .699config.INI file in your home directory. Copy the text below, then search and replace 'myname' with your username.

NOTE: The first time you commit data to the repository, you will need to login to the Authentication Realm: <svn://localhost:6991> SAMIOC

  • If you don't know your repository username and password, contact Kiran and Micah.

gse = /Users/myname/gse
tm_definitions = /Users/myname/gse/TMDef
tm_database = /Users/myname/gse/TMDef/SAM_TM_Database.txt
sclk_table = /Users/myname/gse/TMDef/SAM_SCLK.txt
heater_table = /Users/myname/gse/fswTables/heater.txt
data_root = /Users/myname/samdata/fmdata
repository_hostname = samioc.gsfc.nasa.gov
repository_port = 6991
repository_url = svn://localhost:6991/samdata

gse = /Users/myname/gse
tm_definitions = /Users/myname/gse/TMDef
tm_database = /Users/myname/gse/TMDef/STB_TM_Database.txt
sclk_table = /Users/myname/gse/TMDef/STB_SCLK.txt
heater_table = /Users/myname/gse/fswTables/heater.txt
data_root = /Users/myname/samdata/tbdata
repository_hostname = samioc.gsfc.nasa.gov
repository_port = 6991
repository_url = svn://localhost:6991/samdata


  • Install Java
  • Go to FEI GUI Page
  • Click 'Launch the FEI5 GUI App for MSL'
  • Control-click the resulting jnlp file and select 'Open'
  • Change the pop-up menu that reads 'MSL' to 'MSLOPS'
  • Click the button to the right of the menu with a green arrow inside a blue circle
  • Login using your JPL RSA token
  • Enter the 'msl_misc' directory by double-clicking it in the right pane
  • Navigate the left pane, labeled 'Local Filesystem,' to your home folder
  • Select the highest version of fei*msl for unix in the right pane and click the left pointing arrow
  • From Terminal:
    • cd /usr/local
    • sudo mkdir fei5
    • cd fei5
    • sudo tar xvf ~/fei*msl_unix.tar
  • Edit ~/.bash_profile to add the following line:
    • cd /usr/local/fei5/latest/; source use_FEI5.sh; cd -;
  • From a new Terminal:
    • fei5kinit
    • Enter MSLOPS for Server group
    • Enter your username
    • Use JPL RSA Token to login
  • cd ~/gse
  • ln -s ~/samdata/fmdata data
  • cd data
  • mkdir edrhub
  • cd edrhub
  • date "+%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S" > lastfei.txt
  • initcsvreports


PDL Bookmarks


  • Install samdataview
    • Go to home directory and double-click "gse" then "Apps"
    • Open samdataview_MAC.dmg
    • Drag "samdataview" (the Yosemite Sam icon) to "Applications"