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ISAMS (Igor Software for Atmospheric Mass Spectrometry) is a SAGE-like IGOR environment for analyzing QMS data from atmospheric samples.


Latest version of ISAMS (7/18/2014): ISAMS1.0.pxp

New features presentation: ISAMS new features.pptx


How to use it: ISAMS_0.8A_manual.docx

More information on the ISAMS/SAGE environment: SAGEManualv1.3.pdf

Please email Anna Brunner with any questions/comments!

Release History

May 2, 2014 - ISAMS0.9.pxp

August 2, 2013 - ISAMS0.8A.pxp


  • View QMS data, TM markers, and housekeeping data
  • Dead time correction
  • Background subtraction
  • Find the average ratio between two masses
  • Calculate mixing ratios for the major gases of the Martian atmosphere
  • Calculate average mass specs
  • TUNA (TUNing Analysis) package - fit a peak to each mass in a mass spec of fractional data, to look at the peak center shifts over time
  • Combine unit and fractional scan data into a "megatrace"