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Below are instructions on how to get started with XINA Online. XINA Online is the web interface to access and analyze data from the various missions. It also provides access to other tools that are used, such as the journals that are used to keep notes about the test experiments.

Create a NASA ID through IdMAX

Before using Xo (XINA Online), a user must have a NASA Agency UserID (AUID), managed through the Identity Management and Account Exchange (IdMAX). If you already have an AUID, then proceed to the next step. To create an AUID, a user needs to access the IdMAX through the Access Launchpad. Here a user can select to 'Create My Profile' and enter his/her information, as well as setting up security questions for password recovery.

Launchpad Create My Profile.PNG

Following the creation of an account, a user should complete the IT Security Training in SATERN here. More information about the IdMAX and steps required before using the NASA Access Management System (NAMS) are located here.

After completing all of the above, a user should be permitted to request XINA access through NAMS.

Request XINA Access through NAMS

To request XINA Access through NAMS, a user should be on the NASA network and login through You can login using the "Agency User ID" option. Once logged in, you can easily create a new NAMS Request by typing "XINA" into the search field. Please note that the search is case-sensitive.

NAMS XINA request.png

Once on the request page, select Eric Lyness as the sponsor. As of now the only roles are "SAM Developer" and "SAM Science" but they will work with all missions (actual permissions will be manually assigned by a developer). If you just want access to the data, select "SAM Science". Developers should select "SAM Developer". In the future, explicit support for all missions will be added.

Once the request has been submitted, please contact Nick Dobson, Bradley Tse, or any other appropriate team member so that the correct mission permissions can be assigned to the user's account. If this last step is not performed, the user will be able to log into XINA, but will not be able to access any data.

Logging Into XINA

When logging into XINA, it is recommended that Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox be used as browsers. To access XINA, click here.

If the user doesn't have a current launchpad session open, the user will be prompted to use their NASA NAMS username and password prior to automatically redirecting to the XINA site.

Once successfully logged in, the user will see a page similar to the following (Depending on which permissions you were given, you may see another mission or missions.):

XINA Main.png