OCI Data Flow at PACE I&T from XINA's Perspective

OCI Science VM at PACE I&T


tmmerge is an application that merges multiple archives into a single file, sorted by time.


OCI Science data (i.e. CCSDS packets) at PACE I&T will not be transmitted in real-time. Instead, it will be stored on-board in science file archives (see PACE-SYS-ICD-0038 for file format) and trasnmitted to the "ground" at some later time. The science file archive will contain ALL APIDs and not just the OCI science packets. OCI HK and GSE packets will still be recieved in real-time. In order to view OCI data at PACE I&T in the same manner it was used during OCI I&T, we need to come up with a solution to handle the delayed data.


Allow the Data Viewer to be used in the same (or very similar) manner that it was used during OCI I&T

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