Add users to daily reports

These instructions describe how to enable daily reports and add new users. Users will receive a daily email containing links to download the reports they are subscribed to.

  1. Open a tab to You will use this page to find users' NASA AUIDs, which is what we use to identify and email a user.
  2. Open a new tab to In the "Profiles" section, find the profile you want to configure and click the expand button to immediately modify a profile. Make sure to click "Save Changes" after editing each field.
  3. Under "Fields", set "daily" to "True". This enables automated daily reports for this profile.
  4. Under "Fields", add the "ops_pace" model to the "model" field (if it doesn't already exist). This ensures the automated report is only created for this model instead of all of them.
  5. Under "Fields", add new users to the "users" field. This is where you will need to use the tab from step 1 to find the user's NASA AUID. Navigate to that tab. Find a user by searching for their name under the "Users" section. Select them. The "User Info" section will display their NASA AUID in parentheses. Use this value when adding new users.
  6. To enable daily trend reports, follow similar steps on this page but do it for the "Trend Profiles" section. For the "models" field, you will need to input a JSON array where each entry is a model. For Example:

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